Call for peace takes centre stage

Two political parties, CDU and CPDM have made a clarion call for peace to reign in the country while on campaign. In a rally in Bessengue junction in Douala on October 3, 2018, the call for peace was made by the CDU party’s Vice President, Sam Baka, who said the victor in the election is peace. Same call was echoed by the CPDM party in Ngoumu Sub Division in the Mefou and Akono Division and in Menchum Division in the Northwest Region.

In Ngoumou, the CPDM campaign coordinator, Minister Gaston Eloundou Essomba, enjoined the electorate to re-elect candidate Paul Biya, the architect of peace and national development while in Menchum II-Fungom, the party’s Section President, Mr. John Kum Chi, during a campaign in the presence of some elites from the region, called for a vote for candidate Paul Biya as a vote for assurance of stability.

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