CPDM evaluate electoral campaign

The 2018 Presidential election campaigns have taken another twist within the policies of the contested political parties. The CPDM followers of Mefou and Afamba West held an evaluation meeting which aimed at examining all campaign activities on the field. The meeting was chaired by the CPDM Sub Section President Mr. Eyebe Eyebe Jacques at Nkolfoulou on the outskirts of Yaounde.

Considering the reports from the Regional Delegate of Communication for the Center Ntsouala Sophie, the CPDM followers in this locality based their evaluation on five of the six main stations.

Firstly, they wanted to find out if the door-to-door strategy was implemented, and if discipline existed on their various campaign grounds.

They also wanted to know how cordial their relationships were with other political parties on the field and if their electoral cards had been collected.

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