Cameroonians await results in peace

Life is back to normalcy 3 days after elections which reports say to have been peaceful, objective and transparent. Over 6.5 million voters went to the pools on October 7, with about 15.000 of them residing abroad.


Election monitors of the African Network for the Promotion of Elections, Democracy and Human Rights have declared Sunday’s polls as generally peaceful and transparent. The monitors said they were satisfied by ELECAM’s dynamism in ensuring a proper organisation of the polls and the body’s pedagogic approach to avoid electoral fraud.  Also, Transparency International observers said they were impressed and satisfied as the election was transparent and hitch free. They said the presence of the military in the North West and South West regions was to protect the population and not to scare them.

The President of the National Communication Council Peter Essoka, issued a statement to condemn media organs that have been publishing and airing trends, figures and results which he reminded them is left only for the Constitutional Council headed by Clement Atangana. He described these results as illegal and anti-professional and said such is a vector of conflict.

Nationwide, inhabitants have expressed satisfaction after voting exercise, while others have expressed concern for the low turn-out in the North West and South West regions. There have been wide calls of peace from the religious community and civil society as the country awaits election results.

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