CICAM Face Mask Available In Market 100% made of cotton and in conformity with the quality exigencies of ARNOR

The Cameroon cotton industry (CICAM) has made available in the market its protective face mask since May 07, 2020, intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). It has added to many other masks which before now are in circulation. But the difference with the CICAM face mask is clear. According to GUY Alain MULEMA, Manager at the sales point at Avenue Kennedy in Yaounde, the mask is 100% cotton capable of preventing the contraction and propagation of COVID-19. He added that the production process followed strict application of the norms of quality as required by the National Agency for Quality Control (ARNOR).

Another peculiarity with the mask is that, it can be washed 15 times before it out leaved its usage. To washed, it consists of using the normal laundry soap commonly called (savon macabo) with warm water of 60°c. No detergent or bleaching agent required due to their toxic properties which are detrimental to the protective properties contained in the masks.

Talking about the cost of the mask which is CFA 1,300 francs a piece if, it can be at the reach of the majority of the population. The Manager retorted that health has no price. Also that, the price is relatively low compared to the disposable types which are worn ones. Take the case of those bought in Pharmacies at a 1000 francs each and, the other cheap once sold at say 300 francs and a bit more. He justifies his argument based on the fact that, the mask can be used for a long time by washing up to 15 times before dumping. Taking into account the total cost in producing the mask, divide 1,300 francs over 15, you have 86 francs, which is the cost of one. Another peculiarity is that, the mask is of high quality since it has met the exigencies as required by ARNOR.

As for the ability to supply the market GUY Alain MULEMA said that, there is sufficient quantity available for the home market and even the neighboring countries and the Central African region. That a good number of tailors available to ensure the production of the mask. In conclusion he added that CICAM is not out for profit making as some people may think rather, to contribute its own quota in combating the killer virus COVID-19.

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