The Archbishop of Douala, His Grace Samuel Kleda, has made an attempt at treating symptoms of covid-19 with a herbal remedy free of charge. According to the Prelate, some staff of the diocese contracted the disease after coming in contact with positive cases of Covid-19. The herbal remedy was administered and the patients were reportedly relieved of pain. He reveals that having practiced traditional medicine for close to three decades, he is already familiar with the appropriate herbs for curing particular symptoms. With the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic, he studied the symptoms and put together herbs which have treated people in the past. In his own words during an interview over CRTV, he said “I simply put together those combinations, and then give to persons experiencing symptoms of the virus and they are relieved. It is my pleasure to see that persons who consumed the remedy are healthy. Our target is respiratory problems because according to studies, Covid-19 attacks the lungs. We have prepared a concoction which purifies and liberates the lungs. When someone presents symptoms, we administer the remedy and if the person is cured or the pain ceases, the healers says, the person is healed or is no longer sick.” However, His Grace, Samuel Kleda says the progress of the work is left in the hands of scientific researchers.

With the announcement by the Archbishop that his drug, “Les Huiles Essentielles” had produced positive effects on some Covid-19 patients, the 

demand has increased prompting the government of Cameroon to promise its unconditional support to h

elp the Archbishop in his initiative to provide treatment to illness caused by Corona Virus.

In this light, a team from the Ministry of Public Health led by the director of Pharmacy, Dr. Vandi Deli held a one hour meeting behind c

losed doors in Douala with Archbishop Kleda in which both parties discussed on ways of improving on the medicine.

The Man of God has 30 years of research in herbal remedies to his credit. This passion was nursed in him many years back when he was the Rector of St. Paul minor Seminary in Guider.He states his commitment to traditional medicine in the following words “Necessity inspired my love for traditional medicine. We had many sick children, and no drug to give them. So I got interested in treating kids with plants. It has become my passion when I am not reading my Bible, I study plants. I do that in spite of my job schedule”.

Recently the social media was flooded with some combinations and treatment protocols supposedly proposed by the Archbishop. His reaction was swift in denouncing the false information in recommending prudence.


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