Kledavid is a scam

The Archbishop of Douala Archdioces, His Grace, Samuel Kleda, says the packaged purported COVID-19 cure carrying his name is fake.

Speaking this Sunday May 17, 2020, in a brief interview to the State broadcaster CRTV, the prelate, indicated that the product in circulation on social media is not his product. 


“I will find a name for my product when the time comes. That moment to come will be during the official presentation of the product to the whole world and it is not yet the case”, Archbishop Kleda echoes.


Cautioning the population to be very vigilant, Archbishop Kleda said: “There are places where the real product is distributed, namely Catholic hospitals under the health services of each diocese”.


He alerted the population to save the lives of their love ones by denouncing what he termed  “Kledavid Poison”.


“The enemies of the Church purposely trying to circulate this poisonous substance and when they will be a damage, the population will tag the Bishop to the product whereas it is a completely different thing entirely”, he added.

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