President Paul Biya offers gifts worth FRS CFA 2 billion to help tackle COVID-19

The offer destined to Cameroonians in all the 360 divisions of the country is mainly composed of hygienic products and medical kits; of 50,000 cartons of laundry soap, 50,000 surgical masks for health personnel, 75,000 buckets for domestic use, 1,5 million face masks, 40,000 hand washing cans of 30 litres each, rapid screening test kids and respiratory devices for hospitals. The offer is a stitch in time to rescue the population as they grapple with the spread and effects of the deadly infection. Speaking upon receiving the package, Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji, who is charged with the effective management and distribution in the ten regions of the country, called for transparency and accountability while he commissioned regional governors to be at the helm of each local regional distribution committee.


Over 100 trucks loaded with the special offer destined for the ten regions


Details from the Ministry of Territorial Administration revealed that, the three Northern regions; the Far North, North and Adamawa received a total of 4,895 cartons of savon, 2,670 hand washing cans, 17,800 buckets and 89,000 face masks, while the East, South and Centre regions, received 7,260 cartons of savon, 3,960 hand washing cans, 26,400 buckets and 132,000 face masks. The West, Littoral, South West and North West regions received a total of 7,645 cartons of savon, 4,170 hand washing cans, 27,800 buckets and 139,000 face masks. The offer from the President, worthy of note is another mark of hospitality and legendary generosity to his people each time they are faced with a natural and man made disaster.

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