The Minister of Communication on September 9, 2020 received in audience the newly appointed Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Cameroon, Dr Corinna Fricke. She was in the Ministry of Communication to present herself to Minister Rene Sadi, and to thank the government of Cameroon for the warm reception offered her upon arrival.

In a close to forty minutes discussion, both parties highlighted the fruitful bi-lateral relationship that exist between the two nations; a relationship described by Dr Fricke as excellent, enumerating many areas of cooperation and exchange by two the nations. She further acknowledged of haven been briefed on some activities notably on the political sphere in the country such as the putting in place of a complete decentralization by the government and the  measures to guarantee peace, security and the general welfare of Cameroonians.

Commenting on the existing relationship between the two nations, the Ambassador noted that her country remains open to consolidate the already historic ties, counting on the educational and cultural exchange between both nations. She noted that many of the young Cameroonians received in Germany have the opportunity to learn the German language which is a huge advantage for future exploits of investment potentials beneficiary to both countries.

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