Thursday October 29, 2020 was a sad day in the history of the Ministry of Communication as the entire family bid farewell to Professor Mabou Mabou, Technical Adviser NO 2, who passed on to eternity on September 27, 2020 in Yaounde.

Presiding over the farewell ceremony, the Minister of Communication Mr Rene Emmanuel Sadi presented the professional and academic profile of the deceased, stating that his departure has created a gap that will be very difficult to refill while acknowledging that the entire communication family is going through the same pain that is been felt by his family. Stating that his demise comes after a fulfilled mission, the Minister on behalf of the Ministry of Communication prays for God to receive him in his kingdom. The Inspector NO 2, Mr. Metuge Ekaney, on behalf of the Directors described the Professor as a lovely soul with a beautiful heart and good spirited. He attested that the late Professor’s availability, sociability, easy approachability made him a friend to all, and of all, earning the legacy of a man who gave all that he had to give. He called on God Almighty to give his biological family the strength to bear the loss and also admonish them to carry on the peace the departed man always advocated and cherished. The Association of Women of the Ministry of Communication, ADACOM through their president also echoed their feelings.  Madam  Essama Florence said the late Professor was their Technical Adviser Number NO 2, their leader, teacher, big brother and friend, who was always on their side when things were difficult. On his part, the Staff Delegate, Mr Kenmoe Dutrons in six words described him as a man who was always available, lovable, kind, simple, respectful and humble. He added that as an advocate of peace and non-violence, the entire staff of the Ministry of Communication will forever keep a memory of the years they spent together with him.

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