MINCOM honours invitation to launch of “Le temps Du 237”

Presented to the public on May 11 in Yaoundé, the 2023 edition kaleidoscope reveals the tourist, artistic and sporting assets of Cameroon considered as Africa in miniature.

A whole special issue dedicated to the participation and performance of the Indomitable Lions at the FIFA  World Cups . From Spain in 1982 to the United States in 1994, via Italy in 1990 to Qatar in 2022, this review revisits the history of the participation of the national team in the high mass of sport-kings. Presented to the public on May 11 in Yaoundé, in the presence of the Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel Sadi and the President of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon , Hamad Kalkaba Malboum , the kaleidoscope “Le Temps Du 237”edition 2023 gives to see, to understand and to know Africa in miniature. This review is above all an encyclopedia which reveals all the tourist, artistic and sporting aspects of the 237. “I am very satisfied with this ceremony. Some time ago, I received an offer of collaboration from the Foundation Mère Patrie to work together to promote the image of Cameroon. It was a very good initiative which aligns to the mission of the Ministry of Communication which is not only to inform but also to make known Cameroon, in all its diversity, throughout the world”, declared Minister René Emmanuel Sadi.

The idea of ​​the book is in line with the trajectory and action of the Fondation Mère Patrie, government representative and bearer of the multimedia communication strategy called “ Les Charmes du Cameroun ”. It sets the scene and sets the pace of the great journey to discover all of Africa concentrated in a single country. It transmits the message that comes from the depths of the 10 regions where fair play has regained its letters of nobility. It also highlights an issue whose national scope is not only sporting and economic, because it is also an issue of cohesion.

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